The Brand Guide – Everything you need to know about dog food brands

Not all dog foods are the same. In fact, as any dog owner knows, there are numerous different brands of dog food available all offering their own blend of recipes and claiming to be the best choice for your dog.

It’s no wonder dog owners can often feel confused and overwhelmed by the choice of dog food brands on offer. It’s by no means just a simple choice between a wet canned food or a dry kibble! Different brands make their recipes from different types of ingredients, which are of varying quality and sourced from different places.

And of course, prices range hugely from cheap brands claiming to offer the best value to dog owners on a budget, to super premium brands that use only top quality ingredients that are even good enough for humans to eat.

So, how are dog owners to know which brand is best for their dog?

The most important thing that owners can do is to carefully read the packaging to check the ingredients list and nutritional values, as well as any information given regarding whether it is a suitable food for their dog’s breed, age and dietary or health needs.

All dogs are individuals and have their own specific likes, dislikes and taste preferences, as well as certain dietary requirements based on their life stage, breed, activity levels and health conditions. For instance, some dogs may require a special or restricted diet, such as low fat, high protein, grain free, or free from specific allergens. Also, growing puppies have different nutritional needs to adults.This is why reading the label is so essential.

The other thing that owners can do is to keep up to date with any brand recalls, so they can actively choose to avoid any brands or particular products that have been involved in recalls by the manufacturer due to quality or contamination issues.

How can help?

The team here at know how important dogs are to their owners and that good health is paramount. That’s why we’ve looked closely at many well known dog food brands to scrutinize the marketing claims and ingredients, in order to help owners decide which brands are a healthy, or potentially harmful, choice for their beloved pet.

We’ve put together our findings in detailed reviews of each brand and given each brand a star rating out of a maximum of 5 stars. We have also listed details of the latest recalls. We hope our research helps owners make an informed decision about which brand of dog food to feed their dogs.

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Rachael Ray

Taste of the Wild

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