Grain Free

Grain Free Dog Food Commercial dog food, especially dry kibble, has tended to traditionally contain grains of some kind, particularly wheat and corn. In recent times, some dogs appear to show signs of allergies or intolerances to certain grain ingredients found in kibbles and by switching to a grain free diet their symptoms reportedly disappear….   [ Continue Reading; ]

High Protein

High Protein Dog Food To stay in the best of health, dogs need to eat a balanced diet that provides the right mix of nutrients their body requires. Dogs need to get adequate protein and fat from their diet and the majority of commercial dog food meets or exceeds the recommended levels. Dogs require different…   [ Continue Reading; ]

Low Fat

Low Fat Dog Food All dogs need to eat a nutritious, balanced diet that is good for their health. Every dog is unique and many have specific health issues or life styles that require a different balance of nutrients to other dogs. For some dogs a low fat diet is best and there are several…   [ Continue Reading; ]


Vegan Dog Food Dog food recipes tend to mirror human dietary trends, with dog food manufacturers realizing that owners see their dog as part of the family and deserving of the best possible diet. This is demonstrated by the popularity of wet and dry dog foods catering for special diets, such as high protein, low…   [ Continue Reading; ]

Whole Prey

Whole Prey Dog Foods The whole prey diet is one that mirrors the natural diet of wild dogs as much as possible. It is also known as the ancestral diet, as it is based on the concept of eating the same type and variety of ingredients that domesticated dogs’ wild ancestors would have consumed. The…   [ Continue Reading; ]