Doberman Pinschers

What Is the Best Dog Food for a Doberman Pinscher? The Doberman Pinscher is a large breed of dog that was originally bred in the late 1800s by a German tax collector, Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman, who also ran the local dog pound and wanted a fearless and loyal dog to protect him during his…   [ Continue Reading; ]

German Shepherd Dogs

What Is the Best Dog Food for a German Shepherd Dog? The German Shepherd Dog, also known by the abbreviation GSD, is the second more popular dog breed in America (after Labrador Retrievers). It is a large, easily recognizable breed with a black and tan coat. It is a breed known for its strength, loyalty…   [ Continue Reading; ]

German Shorthaired Pointers

What Is the Best Dog Food for a German Shorthaired Pointer? The German Shorthaired Pointer, often known as the GSP is a medium to large breed of dog that originated from 19th century Germany. It was bred as a hunting dog. Its long, powerful legs mean it can run very quickly and its webbed feet…   [ Continue Reading; ]

Golden Retrievers

What Is the Best Dog Food for a Golden Retriever? Golden Retrievers are renowned for their kind, gentle temperaments and for being good around children, so it’s no wonder they are the third most popular breed of dog in the US. Golden Retrievers are a large flat coated breed with a long, gold, water repellent…   [ Continue Reading; ]

Labrador Retrievers

What’s the Best Food for a Labrador? Labradors are the most popular breed of dog in America and yellow, chocolate and black labs make excellent pets. Labradors are renowned for their big appetites and ability to eat practically anything! However, this doesn’t mean it’s OK to just feed a Lab the cheapest dog food available….   [ Continue Reading; ]


What Is the Best Dog Food for a Rottweiler? Rottweilers are a large breed of dog with a reputation for being fierce and effective guard dogs, but if socialized well from a young age they can also make good family pets. In fact, Rottweilers are the ninth most popular dog breed in America. They are…   [ Continue Reading; ]