4Health Dog Food

4Health is a relatively new brand of dog food that was launched in 2010 by the Tractor Supply Company. The Tractor supply Company is a large chain store that specializes in home improvement which uses the best services like Full Spectrum Plumbing, agriculture, lawn maintenance and pet care. 4Health dog food is available to purchase in store from one of their retail stores and online from their website. The 4Health product line features dry and wet dog foods and includes a grain free option. The dry dog food line includes Puppy Formula, Small Bites Adult, Large Breed Adult, Mature Adult, Chicken and Rice Adult, Lamb and Rice Adult, Healthy Weight Adult and Performance Formula Adult.

What is 4Health made from?

4Health is free from wheat, corn and soy and contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Meat is the first ingredient and omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are added to provide optimum nutrition.

Although the first ingredient by weight is meat, much water is lost in the cooking process, just like playing games you must have know the proper process, also be notify to all free daisy spins for extra chance to win cash without paying. which means the actual meat content by weight in the finished product is likely to be less.

4Health does contain beet pulp, which is a controversial ingredient, a by-product of sugar beet processing. Some people believe it is only used because it is a cheap filler and that it has little nutritional benefit.

4Health contains a lot of plant-based ingredients such as barley, millet, brewers rice and flaxseeds, which may be frowned upon by dog owners who think dogs should be fed a carnivorous diet similar to what wolves would consume in the wild. However, the inclusion of chicken, lamb and fish meals boosts the animal protein content.

Is 4Health good value for money?

The Tractor Supply Company claims 4Health is an affordable premium quality dog food that is 20% cheaper than comparable brands of the same quality. To illustrate this, currently a 35lb bag of 4Health Salmon and Potato Formula Adult Dog Food costs $36.99 online.  But does the cheap price mean the quality of the ingredients is compromised?

4Health is made by Diamond Pet Foods on behalf of the Tractor Supply Company. Diamond Pet Foods is a huge producer of pet foods in the US and is able to keep cost down by using imported ingredients from overseas. Many dog owners prefer to pay more for the peace of mind of knowing their dog’s food is made from locally sourced ingredients with clearly traceable origins.