Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog Food is one of the best quality dog food brands available. Its dry and wet dog foods are Biologically Appropriate, focused on providing dogs with their nutritional requirements through natural, fresh meat-based, regionally sourced ingredients.

Acana is owned and homemade by Champion Pet Foods in their own kitchens in Alberta, Canada. Champion Pet Foods also owns and manufactures Orijen dog food, another super premium brand based on Biologically Appropriate principles.

What’s so good about Acana’s ingredients?

Acana recipes are made from a very high concentration of fresh, raw, real meat because the Biologically Appropriate concept is based on the belief that dogs are naturally carnivores, biologically designed to metabolize proteins and fats from animal protein rather than plants. A lot of conventional dog foods contain plant-based proteins such as soybeans, which are cheaper and keep the cost of the food down, but aren’t an ingredient that dogs would instinctively eat in the wild.

Acana dog food contains 45-65% real meat, which is named and not from by-products. There are also a variety of different meats in each recipe, to reflect the diversity of a dog’s natural wild diet and to provide all the nutrients needed to maintain peak health. Some of the many top quality ingredients in Acana’s formulas include Black Angus beef, free-range bison, Alberta lamb and pork, free-run Cobb chicken, turkey and duck, salmon, herring and walleye.

Acana is a high protein dog food containing a high percentage of animal protein and a limited amount of healthy low glycemic carbohydrates, rather than cheap fillers that provide empty calories, such as those found in a lot of cheaper commercial dog food. The Biologically Appropriate or whole prey diet is based on the idea that dogs don’t need to eat carbs and they are genetically programmed to better digest fats and proteins. Although some Acana recipes do contain a small amount of healthy grains, such as steel cut oats, several of Acana’s recipes are entirely grain free.

As well as using fresh locally raised meat and wild caught fish, Acana’s recipes include fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits and no artificial additives such as flavors or colors.

Can Acana be fed to any dog?

Acana makes dog food for all life stages, from puppy and junior to adult and senior, including recipes specifically for small and large breed puppies and adults. Dogs can be fed either Acana wet dog food or kibble, or on a mix of both, depending on their individual preferences.

Pet owners with enough disposable income to afford the very best dog food like to know their dog is being fed on top quality ingredients that are good enough to be eaten by humans! In online reviews, owners report that their dogs love the taste of Acana’s recipes and dogs that have switched to Acana appear to have more energy and shinier coats. Some owners also say their dog’s sensitive stomach issues have cleared up after moving to Acana.

Is Acana worth the high price?

Yes, Acana is a super premium brand and is expensive in comparison with conventional dog food. However, given the very high quality of the ingredients and the amount of meat protein it contains, a higher price is to be expected and owners who can afford to feed their dog Acana recipes are reassured that they are giving their dog a healthy diet it can thrive on.