Annamaet Dog Food

Annamaet dog food is made by Annamaet Pet Foods Inc and is marketed as an holistic and premium brand. The company, which has made dog food since 1986, is family owned and run. The president and co-founder Rob Downey is an expert in canine nutrition and has published many articles on the subject in professional journals. Annamaet offers two lines of dry dog food – Original and Grain Free formulas.

What ingredients are in Annamaet’s recipes?

Annamaet dog foods are made in the US using top quality ingredients that aren’t imported from China. In fact, the meat and fish in the recipes is fit for humans to eat! All of Annamaet’s recipes are free from corn, wheat and soy, which are controversial ingredients found in some cheap brands of dog food.

Annamaet has recently introduced algae to its recipes to provide Omega 3 fatty acids. Algae can have health benefits for dogs so long as it is from a good source and not tainted with heavy metals such as mercury, lead or arsenic. Dog food manufacturers are starting to add algae to their recipes and it comes in different forms, such as spirulina and algal biomass. Annamaet lists it as a “fat product” and doesn’t say specifically what type of algae is used.

Other ingredients include a specially formulated vitamin and mineral package supplying chelated minerals, which are proteinated and easier for dogs to digest and absorb. Chelated minerals are often added to high quality dog foods to maximise their nutritional value. Another ingredient in Annamaet kibble is L-Carnitine, which is made from amino acids and helps increase a dog’s fat metabolism by turning fatty acids into muscle.

Protein is very important in a dog’s diet and the best dog foods have some kind of named animal protein as the first ingredient. Annameat’s dry dog foods certainly meet this requirement, with the first ingredient in all the recipes being a good source of protein, such as chicken meal.

Original Formulas

There are six different kinds of kibble recipes in the Original Formulas range, made with low ash chicken meal, salmon or venison, plus healthier types of grains like brown rice, millet and rolled oats. The formulas are designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs of different breeds, at different life stages and with different lifestyles. The protein content ranges from 23-32%.

Adult – This formula is suitable for older and senior dogs, or those with a slow metabolism.

Encore – Encore is designed for active adult dogs and puppies, including large breed puppies.

Extra – This recipe is formulated for active, athletic and working dogs and bully breeds.

Option – Option is made with wild caught salmon and free range venison rather than chicken.

Ultra – This formula is aimed at performance dogs and small breeds.

Small Breed – This recipe is nutrient dense and aimed specifically at small breeds.

Grain Free Formulas

There are four dry foods in the Grain Free Formulas range, which meet the AAFCO nutritional levels for All Life Stages (gestation, lactation, growth and maintenance). Instead of grains, these recipes use field peas and chickpeas, which are meant to be easier for dogs to digest and of higher nutritional value than some of the inexpensive grains used in lower quality dog foods.

Lean – This is a relatively low fat dog food in comparison with others in the range, having half the fat of Annamaet’s other grain free recipes. Its reduced fat content makes it suitable for dogs that are overweight or obese and it can also be fed to large breed puppies and dogs with pancreatitis.

Aqualuk – This is described as a cold water formula and contains wild caught salmon and herring, making it a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. According to the Annamaet website it has helped dogs with ear, skin and coat issues and chronic digestive upsets.

Salcha – This is a poultry based recipe made from low ash chicken, turkey and duck. It has reputably brought improvements to dogs with sensitive stomachs as well as ear, skin and coat conditions.

Manitok – This is a fresh red meat recipe made with deboned lamb and venison and is potato free.

Is Annamaet the best dog food?

There are lots of plus points in favor of Annamaet dog food. The recipes are made from quality sources of meat protein as the first ingredient and don’t include corn, wheat or soy. The use of natural ingredients and the fact the Annamaet has high standards of food safety appeals to dog owners wanting to feed their dog a healthy, nutritious diet. There are formulas for all life stages and for different sized breeds. In online reviews many dog owners rate Annamaet highly, the brand has a good reputation and the dog food is certainly recommended.