Canidae Dog Food

Canidae is a premium brand of dog food made with natural ingredients. It is produced by an independent, family-owned company that was established in 1996, Canidae Pet Food Corporation. Food safety is a priority for Canidae. They use USDA inspected meat, have a stringent testing policy and make their foods in USDA, FDA and AAFCO approved facilities. The company has its own manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas, but reputably outsources the manufacturing of some of its kibble to Diamond Pet Foods, a large pet food manufacturer linked to product recalls in recent years.

Canidae places great importance on using top quality ingredients in its dog foods, much of which are sourced from local producers. Its Grain Free PURE recipes include ingredients such as fresh meat, fish and poultry, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and peas. The All Life Stages formulas are made from meat and fish meals, peas, whole grains and cranberries. Canidae offers a variety of wet and dry dog food and treats.

Canidae All Life Stages

There are recipes for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes in the All Life Stages range. Of the six different kibbles and six different wet foods, there are options specifically for large breed puppies and large breed adult dogs. There are also six types of treats.

Canidae Grain Free PURE

In the Grain Free PURE range there are five different canned food recipes, one of which is a puppy food. There are nine dry food formulas, including recipes specifically formulated for small breed adult dogs, puppies, senior dogs, as well as a weight management recipe. There is also a selection of grain free dog biscuits and treats.

How nutritious is Canidae dog food?

There is a high concentration of good quality, nutrient dense animal protein in Canidae’s recipes, from sources such as bison, lamb, wild boar, chicken, duck, turkey, salmon, meat and fish meal. These are the number one ingredients, a sign that the food is of high quality. It is important for dogs to get sufficient animal protein from their diet, as although they are omnivores, they would naturally eat an almost carnivorous diet in the wild. Canidae certainly meets this requirement in terms of meat protein and contains little plant-based protein in comparison with some cheaper brands.

Some recipes in the All Life Stages range include a high amount of brown rice, listing this as the second ingredient after a meat meal. This may deter some owners who are looking for a lower carbohydrate content. However, the meat meal is protein rich and there is little vegetable protein, so these foods should be easier to digest and are often favored by owners of older dogs or dogs with food sensitivities.

Generally the ingredients look good, coming from natural sources and excluding artificial additives and controversial ingredients such as wheat, corn and soy. So, it is not surprising that Canidae is fairly expensive compared to cheaper, lower quality dog food brands. Canidae products can be purchased from many retailers, and owners may be able to save money by shopping online from specialist pet stores such as