Fromm Dog Food

Fromm is an old established pet food company that was originally started in 1904 and is still owned and run by the fifth generation of the same family. The company pioneered the process of creating kibble. The company is based in Wisconsin and all Fromm dry dog food and treats are homemade at its own facilities in Mequon and Columbus. Fromm canned food is made at a plant in South Dakota. The company places a high emphasis on food safety and has an Approved Supplier Program and strict testing process to ensure all its dog foods are unadulterated.

Fromm is marketed as an holistic brand. Its dog food recipes are made from top quality ingredients such as fresh meat, vegetables, eggs and cheese that are produced locally in the USA. None of Fromm’s recipes contain ingredients of unknown origin imported from China, although they do contain vitamins and minerals from Europe.

What’s in Fromm Dog Food?

Fromm’s boast that its dog food is nutritious is justified because it is made with good quality, real ingredients such as meat, vegetables, fruits and healthy grains. As this is a premium dog food brand, it is no surprise to see animal protein is the first ingredient, and is often the second ingredient as well.

Whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal are included, which are considered healthier than some other carbohydrates commonly used in pet food, such as wheat and corn.

Some of the ingredients aren’t necessarily bad, but some dog owners may view pearled barley and tomato pomace as cheap fillers, although they do have the benefit of being high in fiber. Brewers yeast is rich in nutrients, including B vitamins, but it is a by-product of beer making and this may deter some owners. Having said that, all these ingredients do offer nutritional value and are not just empty calories.

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals

In its Four-Star range, Fromm offers a variety of entree recipes made from real ingredients such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. There are twelve dry food recipes, including several grain free options. Flavors include Duck and Sweet Potato, Lamb and Lentil, Pork and Applesauce and Salmon Tunalini. The two Four-Star canned entrees, Shredded Chicken and Shredded Pork, are both grain free. There are also seven Four-Star treat recipes, including grain free and low fat options.

Fromm Gold

The Fromm Gold recipes are described by the company as an holistic approach to complete and balanced nutrition. The original Fromm Gold is made from duck, chicken and lamb. Heartland Gold is a grain free, red meat recipe. Gold Coast is grain free, ocean fish recipe.

The dry dog food in the Gold range is available in a variety of versions to suit different breeds of dog, dogs at different life stages and dogs with specific dietary requirements, such as Puppy, Adult, Large Breed Puppy and Adult, Small Breed Adult, Weight Management, and Reduced Activity and Senior.

The Fromm Gold canned dog food is grain free and can be fed on its own or mixed with kibble. The three pate recipes are Chicken, Chicken and Duck, and Salmon and Chicken.

Fromm Classic

The recipes in the Fromm Classic line are based on an original 1949 Fromm family recipe and are marketed as “naturally formulated, naturally better”. There are only two recipes in this range, both dry food; Adult and Mature Adult. The recipes feature chicken, brown rice, whole eggs and Wisconsin cheese, which are good quality sources of protein and energy.

Where is Fromm sold?

Fromm dog food is available from selected pet specialty stores and is not stocked by large grocery retailers. Owners who are unable to find a local retailer may find it more convenient to purchase Fromm online from

What do dog owners think?

In online reviews many dog owners report that their dog enjoys eating Fromm and since switching to this brand they’ve seen health benefits such as increased energy, a softer, shinier coat and good digestion. Owners are attracted by the high standards of food safety and testing done by the manufacturer to avoid contamination and product recalls. Owners generally consider Fromm to be an affordably priced, high quality dog food that is cheaper than some similar brands.