Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree dog food is probably one of the most recognized brands of dog food on the market and is widely available in grocery stores and online. The brand includes a wide range of different types of kibble and canned recipes and treats, and offers a range of products for specific diets and health needs, different size dogs, as well as for puppies, adults and seniors.

Who makes Pedigree dog food?

Pedigree dog food is made by the pet division of Mars Incorporated, Mars Petcare. The products are manufactured in facilities at various locations throughout the US. Mars is one of the biggest global pet food companies.

What types of dog food are in the Pedigree range?

There are ten types of dry food, including kibbles for adult dogs, puppies, small and large dogs.

There are 15 types of wet food in cans and pouches. Recipes include stews and casseroles, meaty chunks in gravy and sauce, ground or chopped meat, as well as formulas for healthy joints, weight management, senior dogs and puppies.

What are the ingredients?

There are several ingredients in Pedigree dog food that suggest it is of low quality in comparison with a lot of other brands. The first ingredient in most of the dry food recipes is ground whole grain corn, which is an ingredient that many dog owners try to avoid as it is considered to have low nutritional value. The second ingredient is meat and bone meal, which is a source of protein. However, the label doesn’t specify what type of meat it is. Again, animal fat is listed, but the source is not clear. Pedigree foods also contain artificial colors and preservatives such as BHA, and the protein and fat content is relatively low.

Owners wanting to give their dogs a grain free, high protein or “natural” diet are likely to choose an alternative brand to Pedigree. Some owners may be concerned that the carbohydrate content and corn makes the food harder for their dogs to digest.

How does Pedigree compare to other brands?

Although Pedigree dog food has been around for years, is one of the bestselling brands, is cheaply priced and loads of dogs eat it without experiencing any issues, there are other reasonably priced brands that contain higher quality ingredients that offer better nutritional value.