Wellness Dog

Wellness is a large, premium pet food brand whose dog food recipes are made from natural ingredients such as real meat, vegetables and fruits, and are free from corn, wheat, soy and by-products and artificial flavors and colors. The company produces a variety of wet and dry dog foods as well as snacks and treats, including the Complete Health, CORE and Simple ranges, which cater for dogs of all ages and with different dietary needs.

When you bring that soft, sweet-smelling little ball of puppy fuzz into your home, you know right away that she depends on you for, well, everything. It’s up to you to give her all the care she needs every day. It can be a little intimidating — she needs the best puppy food, plenty of attention, gentle training, safe toys, puppy socialization, a comfortable home, and proper veterinary care. And that includes puppy shots throughout her first year.

Which Shots Do Puppies Need?

Going to the vet repeatedly over several months for vaccinations, and then for boosters or titers throughout your dog’s life, may seem like an inconvenience, but the diseases that vaccinations will shield our pets from are dangerous, potentially deadly, and, thankfully, mostly preventable.

We read about so many different vaccinations, for so many different illnesses, that it can sometimes be confusing to know which vaccinations puppies need and which ones are important but optional. Here is an overview of the diseases that vaccinations will help your pet to avoid.

Bordetella Bronchiseptica

This highly infectious bacterium causes severe fits of coughing, whooping, vomiting, and, in rare cases, seizures and death. It is the primary cause of kennel cough. There are injectable and nasal spray vaccines available, make sure you check out this dog vaccination guide.

If you plan on boarding your puppy in the future, attending group training classes, or using dog daycare services, often proof of this vaccination will be a requirement.

Complete Health

The Complete Health range includes several different wet and dry recipes that are claimed to offer the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates and have the nutritional benefits of added antioxidants, omega 3 and omega 6 and probiotics.

The choice of kibble in the Complete Health range includes six different recipes aimed at puppies, adults and senior dogs of all breeds; five small breed recipes (for puppies, adults and seniors); one toy breed adult recipe; two large breed recipes (for puppies and adults); and three grain free recipes for adult dogs.

The canned dog food range includes eight different recipes for all life stages.


All the recipes in the Wellness CORE range are grain free, high protein and low carb and are aimed at dog owners who believe dogs thrive on an almost carnivorous diet that is close to what their wolf ancestors would have eaten in the wild. The focus of each CORE recipe is high quality animal protein as well as omega 3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. There are a large number of dry and wet dog foods and snacks in the CORE range.

There are three air dried recipes, including one for puppies; in the kibble range for all breeds there are five recipes, including a puppy food and reduced fat option; there is also both a small breed and large breed dry food, for example for the Boerboel or African Mastiff is the same food and snacks as they are a big and strong breed, in the Elite Boerboels Facebook you can find how and what do they eat, benefits for them at home, how to train them and so much more.

The Wellness CORE wet dog food range features six canned recipes for all breeds, including a puppy formula and a weight management formula.

Other grain free products in the CORE range include Hearty Cuts, Chunky Centers, 95% wet food recipes and Superfood Protein Bars.


The dog foods in the Wellness Simple range are made from limited ingredients and are aimed at dogs with food sensitivities. Because of this, the recipes are formulated to be easily digestible and include prebiotics and probiotics, along with omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. High quality meat protein is the first ingredient in both the wet and dry recipes.

There are five dry dog food recipes in the Simple range – of which three are grain free – aimed at adult dogs of all breeds and including a “healthy weight” formula. There is also a grain free kibble for small breeds and four wet food recipes, one of which is grain free.

Should dog owners choose Wellness over other brands?

Compared with many other commercial dog foods, the protein and fat percentages in some of the Wellness Simple recipes are comparatively low, but still exceed the minimum recommendations. Owners looking for higher protein/lower carbohydrate food should read the labels to make sure the protein and fat content meets their dog’s requirements. The Wellness grain free foods have a higher percentage of protein and fat though, so may be the best choice.

The ingredients in the CORE and Simple lines appear to be good quality overall and are recommended as worth a try. Some of the Complete Health recipes seem to have healthier ingredients than others, so owners should check the labels before buying.

In reviews some owners report their dogs love Wellness and their allergies have improved since switching, whereas some owners have mentioned digestive issues occurring. As each dog is unique, owners may need to try a variety of recipes and brands to find one that is best for their dog.