Whole Prey Dog Foods

The whole prey diet is one that mirrors the natural diet of wild dogs as much as possible. It is also known as the ancestral diet, as it is based on the concept of eating the same type and variety of ingredients that domesticated dogs’ wild ancestors would have consumed. The super premium dog food brand Orijen makes a range of whole prey based dry dog food recipes and Orijen’s dog food is considered by many people to be the best available.

What ingredients are eaten on a whole prey diet?

The whole prey model is based on the principle belief that the healthiest diet for dogs is one that resembles that of their canine ancestors and that dogs are genetically programmed to thrive on. In the wild, wolves feed on a diverse mix of large prey, small prey and some plants. Therefore, whole prey dog foods have a very high animal content and include smaller amounts of plant ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.

Proponents of this model believe and almost carnivorous diet is the most nutritious and beneficial for dogs to maintain optimum health. Following this theory, Orijen’s commercial whole prey dog food contains a high percentage (75-90%) of fresh, whole meat such as bison, wild boar, pork, lamb, poultry and wild fish, as well as 10-15% organ meats and 5-10% edible bones. These ingredients provide high amounts of quality protein, fat, calcium and phosphorous. The food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, as followers of this diet believe high carb ingredients such as wheat, corn and potatoes are empty calories and would not be instinctively sought out by wild dogs. The small amount of carbs that are included are considered low-glycemic and come from nutritious ingredients such as lentils and chickpeas.

Are whole prey dog foods the best type of dog food?

Because of the high meat content and good quality of the ingredients overall, whole prey dog foods such as Orijen are expensive compared with conventional types of wet and dry dog food. The nutritional content of whole prey foods is very good, but it is up to dog owners to decide whether this type of high protein, low carb diet is best for their dog and whether they can justify the high price compared to other brands that also use good quality natural ingredients.

Many owners report that their dog has increased energy, a shinier coat and is generally healthier on a whole prey diet. If owners want to try it and see how their dog does, it can often be cheaper to purchase Orijen and other brands online rather than in store.