Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is a grain free dog food. It is considered a premium brand and its recipes are based on the popular philosophy that dogs should eat a diet that mirrors that of their wild ancestors. The focus is on quality natural ingredients that deliver maximal nutritional benefits. Most Taste of the Wild wet and dry foods contain more animal protein than a lot of commercial dog foods, but are cheaper in price than several other high protein dog foods, such as Orijen.

Where is Taste of the Wild made?

According to the company’s website, their dog food is made in facilities in northern and central California, Missouri and South Carolina. Taste of the Wild is actually made by Diamond Pet Foods, which is a large pet food company that manufactures dog food for several well known brands and has been involved in product recalls in the past. Because Taste of the Wild isn’t homemade in small batches but is instead made on a larger scale by Diamond, the company’s production costs are lower than those of most other premium dog foods. This explains why Taste of the Wild appears cheaper in comparison with other high protein, ancestral prey based dog foods.

What’s in Taste of the Wild?

There are a variety of kibble and canned dog foods in the Taste of the Wild product line. The dry food range includes Appalachian Valley Small Breed, Pine Forest, Southwest Canyon, Sierra Mountain, High Prairie and Pacific Stream Canine Formulas, as well as High Prairie and Pacific Stream Puppy Formulas.

The canned range features recipes for adult dogs only, including Southwest Canyon, Sierra Mountain, Wetlands, Pacific Stream and High Prairie Canine Formulas. There isn’t a puppy food in the wet food range.

While Taste of the Wild food is available for puppies and adult dogs, there are no breed specific recipes, just the Appalachian Valley recipe that is aimed at small breeds. Appalachian Valley is more energy dense, with a higher protein and fat ratio, meaning a small dog’s nutritional requirements can be met by eating smaller portions.

The Southwest Canyon recipe is red meat based, made with beef and wild-caught boar. It features peas and chickpeas in place of potatoes, so it has a lower glycemic index. This may make it a suitable option for dogs with issues connected to their blood sugar levels.

Is Taste of the Wild a good dog food to buy?

The ingredients in Taste of the Wild do seem to be good quality and nutrient rich. In reviews, owners report their dogs enjoy the taste and seem to thrive on it. Many owners find that their dog’s digestive issues clear up after switching to Taste of the Wild Salmon, which is labelled as being suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Some people may be put off by the fact that TOTW is made by Diamond. However, this is why it is more affordable than a lot of other grain free premium dog foods. Although Taste of the Wild isn’t cheap in comparison with conventional dog food, for a grain free food it is reasonably priced and worth a try, particularly by owners on a limited budget who want to provide the best diet for their dog.